Cursed Cave Crusade

Cursed Cave Crusade 1.0

A free Flash game based on Pirates of the Caribbean's characters
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Cursed Cave Crusade is a free game based on Pirates of the Caribbean’s characters.
This game can be played online at Disney’s site, but you will not be able to download it from there. offers you this downloadable free version.

In Cursed Cave Crusade you will control Captain Jack Sparrow, who must rescue Elizabeth Swan from the evil Captain Barbossa. To do so, he must enter the Cursed Cave and defeat Barbossa’s sail men. You must guide your character jumping between platforms and elevators, avoiding traps, fighting enemies with your sword, and collecting coins. You will move Jack Sparrow with the cursor movement keys, and you will attack your enemies with your sword by pressing the spacebar.

At the end of every level, you will have to defeat a boss enemy, armed with more powerful weapons than the rest of the pirates. You will begin this game with five lives. You will see a health indicator in the upper left of the screen. If that indicator reaches zero, you will lose a life. Once the five lives are gone, the game is over.

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